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I am Morgana Pendragon - Cam Goddess, Priestess of Avalon, Sexual Sorceress and Seductress. I bring the Goddess wisdom and power of Pagan England back to life.

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Fairy Dragon Magical Creature Caught On Camera By Morgana Pendragon

Posted: September, 20, 2016

57040-Fairy Dragon Magical Creature Caught On Camera By Morgana Pendragon-Morgana Pendragon

Merry Meet!

It's been a while since I've written a blog post as I've been very busy these last few weeks.  Last week was the busiest week on record I think, for bookings for spells and psychic readings.  On Friday evening I decided, as one does, to multi-task and go live on cam, as well as record, my Harvest Full Moon Ritual.  It all went according to plan, except me nearly smoking myself out buring far too much incense in my bedchambers.  I know many of you enjoyed connecting with me later that evening, in circle.  It's always such a magical feeling, I love it.  What I didn't know at that time was what I'd find the next day!

I didn't sleep very well on Friday night, the energy of the Full Moon often keeps me alert and awake, even with the use of Lavender and such like.  I must cast the spell for a good night's sleep on myself again!  Saturday morning came and I decided to edit my photos and videos.  When I say edit, I don't make myself look any different, I just add my logo, the border and depending upon the content I'm creating, sometimes audio, binaural beats etc.

Anyway, there I was, I'd just opened up the file in my video editing package and started to watch it back, when 31:03 seconds in, I saw something that stopped me in my tracks.  From the top right hand corner, very fast, swoops a ghostly image of a winged creature or being.  Read that again.  Watch the video.  Watch the video again and again, here now:

Upon starting to record my video, on Friday evening, I realised that I had broken my nail and I was just mending it with some nail glue when whatever this is, must have flown down past my left arm.  I had no idea at the time, but what I will say is that I often see these flashes and flights out of the corner of my eye, along with other 'mystical' sights.  I've NEVER however, actually been able to capture one on camera before.  I do a lot of filming and really want to go through all of my other footage now with a fine tooth comb!

After cutting a clip from the thirty minute video, of where this vision appears, I called my friend and then emailed it to him, just to be sure it wasn't me going mad.  Now I know you may all think that this sort of thing should be totally normal to someone like me, and yes, it is in a lot of respects.  I repeat, I've NEVER however, actually been able to capture one on camera before.  I've seen and experienced things that most people would never believe, but when you get something, smack bang in your face like that, it still excites you.

Believe it or not, I am a skeptic and have a very 'the proof is in the pudding' mind.  I like to experience things for myself and always seek to uncover the possible 'scientific' reasons for things.  Magic, despite it's mystery, is actually a science, that requires specific formulas and conditions in order to work.  I have spent many life times exploring these and aiming to prove of disprove the existance of all manner of things.

My friend, is both a film maker and a paranormal investigator and films television series where he investigates mysterious events around the world.  A lot of what he's been asked to investigate has been proven fake or just the result of 'normal' events manifesting as otherwordly.  As such, I was most interested in hearing his views.  he was VERY excited by my clip.

He suggested adding various filters to the clip to try to enhance whatever it is that appears.  You can see for yourself the effect this has.  He also suggested to me, for the purpose of proving to him I think that it wasn't a hoax, that he use a video and photo phorensic analyis tool that can be accessed online, to check for layers, noise and other tampering.

You can see several things through using the filters.  First that it has a shadow, second that it appears the same colour as me, being a living entity, third that it widens, then narrows, is performing a 'swooping' dive movement, which insects don't do, fourth that as it approaches my elbow, it appears to turn slightly away from my arm to avoid diving into it.

You may notice more than I do and I would love to hear your view, comments, feedback and opinion on it. 

You can email me directly at:

I look forward to connecting with you soon and hearing your thoughts.

Blessed Be

Morgana xxx

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Chat To Morgana Pendragon Live On The Phone At Verified Call

Posted: August, 15, 2016

Merry Meet!

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Blessed Be

Morgana xxx

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54112-Chat To Morgana Pendragon Live On The Phone At Verified Call-Morgana Pendragon

Morgana Pendragon Priestess Of Avalon Priestess Of The Goddess

Posted: August, 06, 2016

53436-Morgana Pendragon Priestess Of Avalon Priestess Of The Goddess-Morgana Pendragon

Merry Meet!

Want to know what a Priestess Of Avalon, Priestess Of The Goddess really is?  Find out who I, Morgana Pendragon am, what my spiritual path is and more, now...

When people meet me for the first time they often ask me what a Priestess Of Avalon, Priestess Of The Goddess is and what it means to be one.  The limited space in my profile leaves little room for the telling and so I usually say to those I meet that they will find out by chatting to me and getting to know me.

I am and have always been a follower of the old ways, a walker of the ancient, virtually forgotten path.  As a Priestess Of Avalon and Priestess Of The Goddess, I am intertwined with the pure rainbow light of the Goddess, neither light nor dark.  I feel, know and channel the Goddess energy that flows through you, I, our planet and further, beyond the outer reaches of our universe.  I am at one with all there is and work with this energy to bring harmony and balance to all.  I know of the hidden truths and share my knowledge with those who too, seek the path.  I nurture, heal, love, transform, energise, assess, advise, create, guide, empower and enchant.  I also banish, protect, bind, fulfill fantasies and more.

Do I worship the Goddess, yes, just as I worship myself and as you may, if you enjoy and feel drawn to it, worship me.  Do I follow a set religion?  No.  There is no such thing as religion, religion is a 'human' creation, designed only to control and dictate.  Worship is not a religious practice.  Worship is love, respect, admiration, supprt, acceptance of one anothers powers and weaknesses.  It is a relationship, rather like a marriage, where give and take is key.

I follow the only true path there is.  My path. All Priestesses Of Avalon and Priestesses Of The Goddess, follow that which they are guided to follow by the Goddess.  We are all born different, with different destinies, characteristics, past-lives and current skills and our true path can only be that which we alone are destined to follow.  Your path is different to mine which is different to the next person who reads this blog post.

This is the way of the Goddess.  To follow and be true to yourself and through being true to yourself, be of value and support to others.  The magic of Avalon begins with you and from deep within you, radiates outwards into the world and beyond.  The more you know yourself, in this life and previous ones, the deeper your connection will be to the light of the Goddess.  The stronger your sense of self, the brighter your light will shine.  The brighter your light shines, the more you can light up all that surrounds you. 

Darkness exists, yes, but only if your light is dimmed.  I do at times choose to dim my light to walk in the 'Dark Light' and experience and work with the lower energies of the core.  These too have their powers.  All true Priestesses Of Avalon, Priestesses Of The Goddess, must be able to feel, connect to, align with, channel and work with both light and dark energies of the Goddess.  Balance is key, although working with the darker energies can be a channenge for those less experienced.  The dark aspects of the Goddess, known through Dark Goddess embodiments like the Morrgian of the ancient Celtic path, bring stength, power, stamina, courage, wisdom and empowerment.  My own past lives led me to live in the shadows, working with the Dark Goddess energies, through battles and torment.  It is a deep, sensual, potent part of who I am and why I enjoy offering Dark Goddess Worship Sessions now.

Much like the ever-changing phases of the moon and cycle of the seasons, as a Priestess Of Avalon, Priestess Of The Goddess, I fluctuate throughout the year.  One day I can feel the pull of my 'darker' self and then a day later ' feel the warm breeze of the higher enegies flowing into me again.  This is a perfectly normal part of 'feeling' and 'sensing' that which flows around and though us.  I can also call upon each at will.  As I wrote in a poem recently "I am the darkeness of midnight, I am the first glimpse of morning light"...and so, it is.

Many feel that sexual energies are more closely connected to the darker, lower aspects of the Dark Goddess.  However I disagree with this thought.  Without sex, there can be no light, no love, no birth, no creation.  Sexuality, in my experience, is the combination of both the light and the dark.  Is the connection of the Earth to the Stars.  It is the Goddess in all of her sensual glory, bringing forth, pleasure and pain.  It is only the 'conservative' modern perspectives of today's society that frown upon sexual practices.  I, as you will have gathered from my website and from connecting with me when I'm live on cam, am a sexual Priestess of Avalon and enjoy nothing more than to feel the pulsing pleasures of orgasmic bliss as I connec to the Goddess energies within myself.  Sexuality is magic in action.  Sexual Sorcery is the practiice of using THE most powerful magical Goddess energies to bring about desired change.

That however, is a topic for another day.

I may add to this blog post at a later time, but I do hope that it's reading brings a greater sense of what I, Morgana Pendragon, as a Priestess Of Avalon, Priestess Of The Goddess, am all about?  Come and chat to me later this week if you'd like, about it at: I'll be live on cam again from Monday 8th August 2016 from 9pm GMT.

Oh and there are a few interesting books that have been published all about The Avalonian Traditions, Arthurian Magic, morgan Le Fay's Spells, Priestesses Of Avalon, Priestesses Of The Goddess and the Dark Goddess.  In case you'd like to know more, my first review of one of my favourite books, is as follows:

Priestess Of Avalon Priestess Of The Goddess - A Renewed Spiritual Path For The 21st Century By Kathy Jones. ISBN: 1-872983-28-6 Published By Ariadne Publications.

Priestess Of Avalon Priestess Of The Goddess By Kathy Jones

My Review Of Priestess Of Avalon Priestess Of The Goddess By Kathy Jones.  I've owned this book for many years and although Kathy Jones is a gifted writer who is clearly able to inform and guide, I do not agree with her placement of Avalon as being in Glastonbury.  I also do not agree with her 'Nine Morgens' concept as is also written about by many other so-called 'Priestesses.  I do though, love the energy that her works instill and the magical wording of her prayers, blessings and other magical wriitings.  Upon reading this book you do certainly get a 'feeling' for what it means to be a modern Priestess Of Avalon, Priestess Of Goddess.  If I were to rate this book with stars, I would be giving it 4 out of 5 stars.  Despite it's depth and apparent detail it does push one, as with other such guides, into a rather formal and somewhat rigid direction.  It does offer a set course of action that the reader is stimulated to take, I would have preferred it to be more like the Priestess Of Avalon Training I offer, to be more creatively stimulating and individually focused.  The Goddess though, through her book, has been remembered and with hope, genuinely worshiped, loved and adored.  Many blessings to you Kathy!

I have been asked to write my own book or home study course to aid those who seek to serve the Goddess.  I however cannot and will not write 'one book for all' as such book cannot bring that which my one-to-one sessions can.

I will review and write about the other books that I'd recommend reading in future posts.

If you'd be interested in becoming a Priestess or Priest Of Avalon and serving and working with the Goddess yourself and would like me to guide you, live, via webcam or phone, then please email me at:

Blessed Be

Morgana xxx

GET IN TOUCH With Morgana Pendragon - Cam Goddess, Priestess Of Avalon, Sexual Sorceress & Seductress - at:

TEXT: +1 844 703 9342

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